10 Quick facts about: Alberto Del Rio

1.Before working for WWE, Rodriguez used the name Dos Caras, Jr. as both a mixed martial artist and luchador in mostly Mexico and Japan.

2.The name Dos Caras translates to Two Faces, referring to the symbol of a double headed eagle on his mask.

3.He has a 9–5 record in MMA. Pride rules were amended to allow Dos Caras, Jr. to wear his signature mask in the match against Filipović.

4.Son of noted luchador Dos Caras, nephew of Mil Máscaras and Sicodelico, and cousin to Sicodelico, Jr. and Hijo de Sicodelico, Rodríguez is part of one of the most well known Mexican wrestling families.

5.He supports the Spanish Football team Real Madrid.

6.Growing up in a family of wrestlers Rodríguez decided to take up Greco-Roman wrestling, training under Leonel Kolesni and Juan Fernández.

7.n 1997, he placed third at the World Junior Championships, in the Czech Republic. He also won the Central American and Caribbean Games in his weight division three times and won a medal at the Pan American Games. Rodríguez was on track to compete at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, but due to a lack of funding and support, Mexico did not send a wrestling team that year.

8.He has a younger brother, Guillermo, who also signed to wrestle for WWE.

9.WWE has Del Rio on a salary of $625,000 a year Plus First Class Travel before bonuses and other royalties.

10.He is also married with two small children. A son, Joseph (born April 17, 2010) and a daughter (born in the Fall of 2013).