10 Quick facts about: Christian

1.He currently lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife Denise, a German model whom he met while on tour in England.

2.He met best friend Adam Copeland (Edge) in the 6th grade.

3.Since suffering a concussion in 2014, Christian began pre-show commentary for WWE pay-per view events which began at NXT Takeover.

4.He played ice hockey and was a wrestling fan as a child.

5.Won the then WWE Light Heavyweight Championship in his debut match against Taka Michinoku.

6.Christian Cage was his ring name prior to entering the WWE. It was derived from the names of actors Christian Slater and Nicolas Cage. He returned to this name during his time with TNA Wrestling.

7.An animal lover. He has five cats.

8. His real name is William Jason Reso

9.Christian was trained by Ron Hutchison and made his pro debut in 1995.

10.Edge and Christian became full time tag team partners in the summer of 1999. The team won the tag team titles an unprecedented 7 times. They had a classic three way feud with the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz. The most historic battles in this feud were the TLC (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs) matches.