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10 Quick facts about: New Jack

He is also known for having his theme song “Natural Born Killaz” by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre

The inspiration for his ring name came from the movie New Jack City.

He is known for his willingness to take dangerous bumps and his stiff hardcore wrestling style, often taking high risks and “shooting” on opponents.

New Jack was featured in the 1999 wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat.

New Jack is referenced in the Weezer song “El Scorcho”. The line “watchin’ Grunge legdrop New Jack through a press table” was derived from a caption for a photograph of New Jack fighting wrestler Johnny Grunge that was published in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

His career lasted over 20 years, beginning in 1992 before retiring in April of 2013.

New Jack claims to have been a bounty hunter before becoming a professional wrestler

He refused to go to WCW or WWE because he knew they would try to soften his character up or that they would be afraid of him.

New Jack was possibly the first to really bring hip hop gangsterism into professional wrestling

In a match against Gypsy Joe in 2003, New Jack was angered by Joe’s refusal to sell his moves. The match quickly turned into a real fight.

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