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10 Quick facts about: Fandango

1.His real name is Curtis Jonathan “Curt” Hussey 2.In 2013, Hussey re-debuted as Fandango. In April, WWE audience members started singing and dancing to his entrance music, which rose substantially on iTunes charts and generated much hype in mainstream media … read more

10 Quick facts about: Daniel Bryan

1.Danielson has cited a number of wrestlers as influences to his style: Toshiaki Kawada, Mitsuharu Misawa, and William Regal. 2.Danielson became a vegan in 2009, after getting elevated liver enzymes and several staph infections.In September 2012, Danielson revealed that he … read more

10 Quick facts about: Sheamus

1.Bodyguard for Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr. of the band U2, as well as Denise van Outen. 2.He is a former IT technician, 3.He speaks fluent Irish 4.He played Gaelic football for the Erin’s Isle team. What is Gaelic football … read more

10 Quick facts about: Raven

1.He took a semester off from college to enlist in the United States Marine Corps as a reservist. 2.possesses an IQ of 143 and is a member of Mensa and Theta Chi Fraternity. 3.He along with former colleague Chris Kanyon … read more

10 Quick facts about: Tazz

1.His World Wrestling Entertainment career as an in-ring performer came to an early end in 2002, when mounting injuries forced him to retire and subsequently saw him transition into a color commentary role, which he continued to do until his … read more

10 Quick facts about: Tommy Dreamer

1.Dreamer is known for the time he spent in the Philadelphia-based Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) promotion, of which he has been called the “heart and soul”. 2.He is known as the “Innovator of Violence.” 3.He was regularly embroiled in the … read more

10 Quick facts about: Paul Heyman

1.He is a most notable villain on WWE programming, having managed five WWE World Heavyweight Champions (a record) including Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, and CM Punk, respectively. 2.By age 11, he was running a mail … read more