Top 10 pro wrestling documentaries

1. Beyond The Mat

Beyond the Mat follows the post-WWE career of Jake “The Snake” Roberts as he wrestles small venues around the United States. Mick Foley’s rise to fame in the WWE is also highlighted – culminating in an unforgettable sequence at the Royal Rumble 1999. A brutal “I Quit” match against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is intercut with shots of Foley’s children watching in horror from the front row.

2.Jake “The Snake” Roberts: Pick Your Poison

Jake “the Snake” Roberts: Pick Your Poison reveals the real story behind the legend. Get insights into the man who instilled horror into the hearts and minds of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior and others as he battled in some of the biggest matches of the 1980s and ’90s. Hear what it was like to carry a live, 70-pound snake. Go behind the scenes and learn more about the controversial battles with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Listen as he reveals family tragedies, drug addictions and the personal demons that diverted his remarkable career.

3.The Rise and Fall of ECW

There are some fascinating revelations into ECW founder Tod Gordan’s alleged role in talent poaching for WCW and the cross-promotional deals Heyman was able to secure with WWF in 1995. The most affecting moments arise, however, when wrestlers talk about their departure from ECW for rival promotions. Their stories are tinged with guilt and regret, and at times they appear visibly shaken by the company’s downfall. Even Vince McMahon had some touching words to say about his former competitors – which is almost worth the cost of the DVD alone.

4.Andre the Giant: Larger Than Life

Andre’s life both in and out of the ring are legendary, and this feature both proves and dispels some of those rumors.

5. McMahon

interviews with Shane, Stephanie and Linda McMahon, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, and more. Mr. McMahon himself reveals when the seed was planted to screw Bret Hart in Montreal, what it was like to win the WWE Championship, the true story behind the battle against WCW, the XFL, his daughter Stephanie marrying and more.

6.New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black

The history of this notorious group’s rise and continued onslaught against organized sports-entertainment. Formed in 1996 by Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hulk Hogan

7.Vice: The British Wrestler

Produced by Vice as part of their Rule Britannia series, The British Wrestler follows professional wrestler Graeme “Grado” Stevely as he attempts to get himself booked by his local promotion, Insane Championship Wrestling.

8.Louie’s Weird Weekends: Wrestling

The most striking feature of Theroux’s documentary is just how unresponsive some of the wrestlers and trainers are when asked about the scripted elements of professional wrestling. In one memorable sequence, WCW power plant head trainer “Sarge” gets angry at Theroux and forces him to exercise until he is physically sick.

9.Hulk Hogan Still Rules
chronicles how he broke into the business in the Florida independent circuit through the Brisco Brothers and how he initially entered the WWWF as a heel with Freddie Blassie. From there it follows his career through the AWA, his phenomenal and history making second run in the 80’s WWF including his feuds with Piper, Bundy, Orndorff, Andre and Savage to his second history making stint in WCW with the N W O to his recent return to the WWE.

10. Punk: Best In The World

For the first time ever, experience the rise of CM Punk with CM Punk: Best in the World! From his early days in the Indy circuit to his explosive transformation into the most unabashed, outspoken champion in WWE history

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