10 Quick facts about: The Undertaker

      1. The undertaker real name is Mark William Calaway
      2. He also played college basketball at Texas Wesleyan University during the 1985–1986 season.
      3. Calaway was cast as a bounty hunter in the movie Suburban Commando, alongside WWF Champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan had seen Calaway wrestling for WCW and offered to bring him over to the WWF. Having just left WCW, Calaway accepted.
      4. Vince McMahon, who gave him the Undertaker gimmick, based on a mortician from old Western movies
      5. Calaway has performed in the WWE since 1990, making him one of the company’s longest tenured employees.
      6. Calaway invests in real estate with business partner Scott Everhart. Calaway and Everhart finished construction on a $2.7m building in Loveland, Colorado, called “The Calahart”
      7. WrestleMania Streak seen the undertaker undefeated in 21 matches in wrestlemania.The streak was broken in 2014 by Brock Lesnar
      8. He is also an avid mixed martial arts fan his Hell’s Gate submission (Modified gogoplata) were also inspired by mixed martial arts
      9. Calaway is an avid boxing fan and carried the Flag of the United States while leading Team Pacquiao to the ring during the Pacquiao vs. Velázquez fight in 2005.
      10. He once loaned his house to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.