10 Quick facts about: Fandango

1.His real name is Curtis Jonathan “Curt” Hussey

2.In 2013, Hussey re-debuted as Fandango. In April, WWE audience members started singing and dancing to his entrance music, which rose substantially on iTunes charts and generated much hype in mainstream media

3.Hussey trained under Killer Kowalski and debuted in September 1999. He wrestled for various independent promotions in the New England area over the next few years.

4. He owns over 300 videotapes of past WWE, WCW, and ECW shows that he recorded as a teenager.

5.First female dance partner for Fandango was a dark-haired and unnamed Andrea Lynn (a real-life dancer and college student) in the beginning and later Summer Rae (a developmental wrestler) would take over the roll.

6.Curtis was part of the fourth season of NXT, with R-Truth as his mentor.

7.He is a fan of video gaming and the Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy XIII.

8.the Rock is quote as saying Fandango “is the best new WWE star”

9.in a interview Fandango he said on the first time meeting hulk hogan “Hulk Hogan came up to Summer [Rae] and myself and said he was a huge fan of ours and took a picture with us! WWE tweeted it out and Hulk did too.”

10.he was a big fan of hulk hogan growing up.