10 Quick facts about: Sheamus

1.Bodyguard for Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr. of the band U2, as well as Denise van Outen.

2.He is a former IT technician,

3.He speaks fluent Irish

4.He played Gaelic football for the Erin’s Isle team. What is Gaelic football see video below

5.Farrelly’s inspiration into a professional wrestling career came from watching both British wrestling from ITV’s World of Sport and American wrestling from the World Wrestling Federation on Sky One.

6.Farrelly soon developed his wrestling character by drawing on Celtic mythology. Wanting to move away from limiting Irish stereotypes of lucky charms, leprechauns and alcoholism, he instead wanted to portray an Irish warrior.

7.On 13 November 2006, O’Shaunessy appeared on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show Raw at the Manchester Evening News Arena as part of the security team ejecting D-Generation X from ringside only to later receive a Pedigree from Triple H.This led to an offer and signing of a developmental contract with WWE, at which point he relocated to the United States.

8.On the advice of Bret Hart, Farrelly began training in Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory wrestling school in April 2002, alongside Tank Toland, Cliff Compton and Cindy Rogers.

9.O’Shaunessy spent 2009 continuing to chase gold, earning two shots in January and February at the Florida Tag Team Champions Johnny Curtis and Tyler Reks, but he and Ryback were unsuccessful in both attempts.

10.Sheamus was a member of the boys’ choir until he was 13.