10 Quick facts about: Steve Austin

1.Austin got a football scholarship at Wharton County Junior College, followed by a full scholarship at the University of North Texas.

2.Deciding to become a wrestler, Austin joined Chris Adams’ school in the Dallas Sportatorium, where Adams also wrestled for World Class Championship Wrestling.

3.In April 2013, Austin started a weekly podcast named The Steve Austin Show which is family friendly, while his second podcast The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed! is more adult oriented.

4.On September 13, 2000, Austin married WWE Diva Debra Marshall. Austin filed for divorce from Marshall on July 22, 2002 and the divorce was finalized on February 5, 2003.

5.In 1995, Austin was fired by WCW Vice President Eric Bischoff, after suffering a triceps injury, while wrestling on a Japanese tour; Bischoff and WCW did not see Austin as a ‘marketable’ wrestler. Austin described his opinion on being fired over the phone as Eric Bischoff having taken the coward’s way out.

6.In 1995 Austin was contacted by Paul Heyman of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), who had managed him in WCW. Heyman hired Austin to do in-ring interviews, as he still had not recovered from his injury enough to wrestle.

7.In late 1995, Austin joined the WWF after Diesel and Jim Ross helped convince WWF’s owner Vince McMahon to hire him.

8.Austin’s genuine rise to superstardom began at the 1996 King of the Ring. Austin defeated Jake “The Snake” Roberts in the finals.[14][32] At the time, Roberts was portraying a born-again Christian, so after the match, Austin cut a now famous promo during his coronation, telling Roberts, “You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn’t get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16… Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!”. “Austin 3:16” ultimately became one of the most popular catchphrases in wrestling history,and subsequently the slogan became one of the best-selling t-shirts in WWE merchandise history. It is also credited as the iconic moment that began the WWF’s “Attitude Era”

9.Former WWE executive Jim Ross have declared Austin to be the most profitable wrestler in the history of the organization. Ross asserted: “Nobody touches Austin… No-one generated more cash in the length of their WWE career.”

10.Austin was born Steven James Anderson in Austin, Texas. After his father left the family, his mother Beverly got re-married to Ken Williams, and Austin adopted his stepfather’s surname.