Five things you will discover from the Attitude Era on WWE Network

1.Austin vs. McMahon

was a popular feud in the World Wrestling Federation, starting in 1998, that pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin against WWF Chairman Vince McMahon. The end to the feud is unknown. Some claim it ended during the Invasion Angle, while some insist that it is still going today, just in an inactive role, since Austin is incapable of wrestling due to problems with his neck.

Regardless of when it ended, when it was in its prime, it was one of the most popular feuds of the day, and arguably one of the greatest feuds of all time. Some believe it was this feud alone that kept WWF alive during the Monday Night Wars. One thing is certain, however: It was one of the most commercially successful storylines of the 90’s, and is regarded as one of the greatest and most important wrestling feuds of all time

Austin vs. McMahon was one of the most commercially-successful feuds in recent memory. Some argue that, after the Montreal Screwjob, WWF would have gone out of business due to many outraged fans boycotting the WWF, had it not been for this feud. Many argue that this feud epitomized the Attitude Era, and many message board inhabitants regard this feud as one of, if not the greatest feud of all time. This feud helped make Stone Cold Steve Austin arguably the most popular superstar of all time taking him from a standard midcarder making a generic rise to the main event, to a bona fide wrestling phenomenon.

2.Hardcore Championship

24/7 Rules
When Crash Holly won the belt, he introduced the “24/7 rule” which said the belt was to be defended at all times, as long as a referee was present. This allowed for many comic relief moments, such as the belt changing hands while the champion was asleep, and The Headbangers chasing Crash Holly around an amusement park in Brooklyn (Holly eventually escaped from a ball pit and ran from the building, still the champion).

At WrestleMania X8, Maven defended the title against Goldust. After they knocked each other out with trash can lids, Spike Dudley entered and pinned Maven to win the title. Then, in the backstage area, The Hurricane pinned Spike for the title. Mighty Molly (The Hurricane’s sidekick) told The Hurricane to go to the “Hurri-cycle” before knocking him out with a frying pan when his back was turned and pinning him. While looking for a safe place, Christian won the title by pinning Molly after hitting her in the head with a door. As he was about to leave the building in a taxi, he was attacked and pinned by Maven, who regained the title and escaped in the taxi.

This rule has allowed the shortest title reigns and quickest title changes in WWE history.

At WrestleMania 2000, a battle royal match, in the style of Championship Scramble was booked where the title changed hands 10 times during the 15 minutes. The eventual winner was Hardcore Holly.

the belt was retired in 2002 coinciding with the end attitude era.

3.bret hart vs stone cold

No Disqualification Submission Match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin. UFC fighter Ken Shamrock was the special guest referee for this match. Austin attacked Hart, who was still in his entrance attire. The two first beat each other in the ring before the action spilled outside the ring. Hart tossed Austin into the steel ringpost while Austin drove him onto the steel barrier. The two men began fighting in the crowd, where both men hit each other with several foreign objects.


attitude era coincide with the grow of female wrestling and risque storylines.

5.Watching WWE grow